Taleon Updates #060
-Added the Holy Portal of the Forgotten Knowledge Quest (Time Guardian)
-Added the monster Putrid Mummy
-Fixed PZ bug in Oramond depot
-Fixed PZ bug in Elemental Spheres Quest
-Fixed Lion's Rock Quest bonus and crown tokens bonus
-Fixed the Puzzle of the seal Tafariel of the Ferumbras Ascendant Quest
-The Boss Zoralurk has been modified
-The Boss Time Guardian has been modified
-The Silver Token Item Name has been Fixed

Respawns time
The respawn time now varies from 2 to 4 minutes (some bosses like deeplings take more time).
We will not leave the respawn time lower since in taleon it is possible to obtain xp more easily (Prey facilitated, minimum xp 2x, imbuing, stamina bonuses with extra bonus obtained with the crown tokens and xp boost).