mtibia | 11.80

Welcome newcomers, you are here, we are glad of it and we want to tell you about our game. We will provide you a complete description of our unique features and systems, our mission and vission, and a few other details, so prepare to be amazed!

"...The most common question is: How it feels to play mtibia?
The most accurate answer is: Mmm... feels like playing CipSoft (RL or .com), but with faster rates..."

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a a game which feels like playing global on it's most perfect period with Retro PvP (8.6), hosted on the best company which provides lowest ping for South America. Therefore, we will offer you new experiences while opening different worlds to play time by time.

So the mission was to integrate all latest content of global, including client 11.80, New Warzones IV, V, VI , The Order of the Falcon, new Falcon and Gnome Items, etc. Also we have the policy of emoving unnecessary things like ridles or misions to access a few respawns or quests. Therefore all bosses mechanics are the same as global, so it might need a little of strategy.

We guarantee a totally RPG experience on our game, and the PvP will just be a consequence of the players who want to play and stay on a server which has frequently updates, a total stability and a option to keep your character advances always. This vision of the future, is totally different of what you already know and the mtibia stuff have been working for about three years in order to achieve this.

General informacion:

IP: mtibia.online
Port: 7171
Firtera, fast rates online since 27/09/2018
Soon we are launching other world just client 11.82 low rates.
And in the future, we are launching other worlds with client 10.00, low and/or fast rates, hardcore and/or open-pvp and/or non-pvp.
We are prepared to have multiple worlds with world-transfer system.
Client: 11.80 (Recommend to download our client here)
Uptime: 24/7 since 27/12/2016
Host: Brazil, on a dedicated server with 1 Gbps Internet connection.
Website: https://mtibia.online
Map: 100% global
Access: All spawns for free.
NPCs: All NPCs for free.
Runes: Not ∞
Ammunition: Not ∞
Loot rate: x4
Skills rate: x10 (Staged: easy till 80, medium till 100 and then hard)
Magic rate: 5x (Staged by vocation)
Server PvP Style: Retro Open-PvP (8.6)
Experience Stages: 15x (Stages: starts on x50, finish on x2)
Level Style:
- One hour to level 50
- Two hours to level 100.
- A day to get 150.
- A week to be 200.
- A month to be 300.
- About a year to be 500.