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Tópico: #WU18 | Test Server (tópico oficial)

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    Citação Postado originalmente por Flea Ver Post
    Espero que a Mirade deixe de ser teimosa feito uma mula e jogue no lixo a ideia da Boosted Creature. Não tem cenário possível que isso seja benéfico pro jogo.
    Eu parei pra testar isso na live de hoje... realmente jogar mais 2x Exp na criatura, fora respawn x2 mais rápido (fora que stacka com áreas que já estão recebendo bônus de respawn - imagine num evento de Rapid Respawn... ) e 2x loot (?)...

    ...Bizarro. Mas não sei se é o caso de jogar a ideia no lixo... basta ajustar. E tudo bem que eu forcei a barra testando a criatura boostada justamente em uma área boostada (é muito alinhamento de astros pra isso acontecer numa situação real, acho). Lembre-se que a criatura é aleatória (só no TS que mantiveram o Dragon só pra gente ver como ficou), ou seja, a chance é de 1/451 (atuais criaturas regulares).

    Hoje que consegui chegar nos NPCs líderes dos Dreamborn. Fica aí a transcrição pra quem gosta de lore:
    Vanys: Greetings hero. I guess you came to talk.
    Terereko: talk
    Vanys: So do you want to learn the story behind of this or rather talk about the task at hand?
    Terereko: story
    Vanys: Do you prefer the long version or the short version?
    Terereko: long
    Vanys: Though the dreamborn have many similarities with common elves, they are not creatures of your world. They were created through the dreams of a powerful elf whose name is long forgotten. All that is known is, that he was an exceptional dreamweaver. His mastery over dreams was that great, that his dreams became substantial. It is said, he was the most advanced dreamweaver that ever walked the world. He was also an artist and he was lonely. So he decided to dream of a new race of elves that might keep him company. He dreamed his creation into life and they flourished. At first the dreamer was pleased and lived with his people in happiness. But with time came doubts and his joys grew shallow. That was when he begun to have troublesome dreams of guilt and burden. One day he left his people.

    It is unclear if he simply went away or dread had befallen him. But be it as it may, his children were left alone and lacked his fatherly wisdom and guidance. Their despair and fear fed the thing whose seed was born of their creators troubles. The seed grew and grew and so did the confusion of the dreamborn. The dream gardens that have fed the dreamborn in abundance begun to bear bitter fruits and for the first time in existence they had to tend to themselves. They looked to the other races and adopted many of their customs and manners. That way they survived yet they lost their innocence forever. The seed of nightmare fed on this, prospered and finally gave birth to a horrible creature, unbeknown to the dreamborn. It begun to visit them in their dreams and brought with it animosity and dissent. Those things tore a friction in the realm of dreams that the dreamborn inhabited and at one fateful day it begun to break apart.

    The greatest of their kind lost their lives in an effort to prevent the seemingly inevitable annihilation. They became dreams again and with their essence mended the wounds that the friction had caused. Yet though the realms survived, they were now split and a dreamscar remained in the world, where the breaking point of the realm had been. The two separated realms drifted apart but managed to uphold contact. Still through the whisperings of the beast the friction in the realm was not the only one to cope with. Also the people of the new realms became to differ more and more. They did no longer see the others as brothers and sisters but some very distant relatives at best. Though all the differences were mostly superficial, a deep mistrust towards the others and a great arrogance about their own side begun to grow. Regardless of this there were no open hostilities between the dreamborn. A mockery here, a slight there. It might have lead to conflict on its own but things were forced anyway quite soon. Feeding on the dreamborns animosities the nightmare abomination had grown in size and power and it was hungry for more.

    Making its lair in the festering wound between the realms it was no longer content to devour bad dreams, it wanted more, it wanted the dreamborn themselves. So with all its power it arose and attacked the realm of the dreamborn. At first it were only occasional hunts in the dark but its appetites grew with every dreamborn it devoured. Soon the realm became aware of missing people. But instead of acting in unison, they accused each other of foul play. The anger fed the beast even more and with time it grew more powerful and more bold. Soon its attacks increased but even after sightings of its slaughterings, each of the realms still assumed that this was the work of the others. The most wise minds on both sides though were not that easily fooled. They managed to pinpoint the threat and even to understand its nature. It took long to convince their people of what they had learned. Time that allowed the beast to prosper even more.

    When they finally united to fight the threat, it was almost too late. Some of the most powerful dreamborn gave up their lives to bind their essence into obelisks of power. The others weaved powerful spells and wards into those stones which where placed all over the world in a certain pattern to weave a net that would bind the beast and blunt its power. Then their two leaders gathered their best men to fight the beast in its lair. The battle was hard and all but the two kings were forced to retreat. The two would challenge the beast and try to kill it once and for all, while their allies outside would prepare enchantments of binding that they should activate should their leaders fail. Despite all other claims it is unclear what happened next. Leaving out the numerous interpretations and the one true version that each side claims to know, the only sure thing is, that the beast stayed alive and the wards had to be activated.

    The wounded beast was bound and trapped. For all eternity as it seemed. But little is meant for eternity and in our days the old wards have begun to waver. The beast arises again and its power slowly tires out the ancient spells. In these dark days a stranger from beyond appeared. He made allies at the courts of summer and winter. With sweet words, promises of power and tales of plotting by the other court he poisons the hearts of many nobles on both sides. He promises he knows ways to bind the beast to the will of a dreamborn, a perverse thought that sadly has an appeal to many. He talks about destroying the wardstones that are in the heart of the courts. He plays both courts against each other and no one is willing to listen. The only ones aware of this foul play are lady Alivar from the summer court and lord Cadion from the court of winter whose hearts are bound in a forbidden, secret love to each other. Due to their secretive meetings and private talk they are aware that the stranger is playing a destructive game with the courts. But no one will listen and the reveal of their love would put both in danger and invalidate any proof they might have.

    So they came up with a plan how to stop the unleashing of the beast. First it needs adventurers to travel the world and charge the minor wardstones with new energy. Having done that, the adventurers will have to enter the dream scar, where the prison of the beast is located. The scar has become a prominent arena in these days, where champions of the courts train to prepare for various threats. The adventurers have to become champions of the arena to gain access to the lower areas of the scar where the prison of the nightmare beast is located. There they can enter the chamber the beast is banished to and hopefully will be able to slay the beast whose strength should be dampened by the newly empowered wards. This should end the threat once and for all.

    So do you want me to tell you more about the story behind of this or rather talk about the task at hand?
    Terereko: task
    Vanys: You have to empower eight ward stones. Once charged with arcane energy, they will strengthen the Nightmare Beast's prison and at the same time weaken this terrible creature. We know about the specific location of six of those stones. You can find them in the mountains of the island Okolnir, in a water elemental cave beneath Folda, in the depths of Calassa, in the forests of Feyrist and on the islands Meriana and Cormaya. The location of the other two ward stones is a bit more obscure, however. We are not completely sure where they are. You should make inquiries at an abandoned house in the Plains of Havoc. You may find it east of an outlaw camp. The other stone seems to be somewhere in Tiquanda. Search for a small stone building south-west of Banuta. Take this talisman to empower the ward stones. It will work with the six stones at the known locations. However, the empowering of the two hidden stones could be a bit more complicated. But you have to find out on yourself what to do with those stones.

    Felipe "GrYllO"

    Galera, eu não tiro dúvidas por Mensagem Privada. Se precisarem de ajuda, tentem usar a pesquisa para ver se a dúvida já não foi solucionada antes e, em caso negativo, criem 1 tópico na seção adequada do Suporte ou mesmo na seção Tecnologia (pro caso de uma dúvida técnica não relacionada ao Tibia). Beleza?

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    @Flea, @GrYllO, @icarouou

    vcs droparam alguma patched boots ou alguma pista em livro/npc falando sobre botas?

    eu fiz uma tabela pro portal tibia e essa belezinha que não pode ser obtida recebeu slot

    se vcs terem uma fur boots e as 3 raras de colecionador (bunny, crystal e dragon scale) pra ver na maquina quais imbuements podem receber, eu vou ficar muito grato

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