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Dear Testers,

in this thread you can discuss the adjustments of the (former) chargeable and umbral weapons.

Some basic information:

- The three different basic versions (remedy, carving, mayhem) of the former chargeable weapons are converted into one new basic version each (weapons of destruction).
- The values of the new basic versions are inherited from the older ones.

- umbrals and master umbrals receive slots for basic imbuements, namely:
- umbral spellbook: 1; umbral master
spellbook: 2
- umbral bow: 1; umbral master bow: 3
- umbral crossbow: 1; umbral master
crossbow: 3
- umbral axe: 1; umbral master axe: 2
- umbral chopper: 1; umbral master chopper: 3
- umbral mace: 1; umbral master mace: 2
- umbral hammer: 1; umbral master hammer: 3
- umbral blade: 1; umbral master blade: 2
- umbral slayer: 1; umbral master slayer: 3

Feel free to give useful feedback!
Have fun on the test server!

Best Regards

Game Content Designer