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Dear Testers,

welcome to 2017's winter test server! As already introduced in the welcome thread, we've added several new quests and questlines you can now take for a spin.

Gnomes as well as dwarves have joined forces to battle (and analyse - let's not forget the countless hours of thorough study the gnomes undertook to get to the bottom of this) an imminent threat, lurking far below the surface.

This thread is dedicated to Dangerous Depths and the activities you can undertake directly at the heart of this fragile alliance: the deep hub where gnomes and dwarves live and fight together.

  • There is a large quest hub with three separate quest areas, interjoined by several quests which spread over the entire region.
  • Completing these quests and hunting the creatures down there will earn you the right to enter three separate warzones.
  • Each warzone has a different theme, various types of enemies and a boss at the end.
  • Try figuring out what to do and complete the various quests in any order and as often as you like to unlock access to each of the warzones.
  • Completing a quest and helping the gnomes and dwarves will net you points.
  • The number of points determines if you can enter a warzone and there are several ways to gain such points.
  • If a cooldown is too long, you can use a special voodoo doll ("test voodoo doll") to reset it, purchasable at any test server assistant NPC for 1 gold.

If you get stuck or encounter any problems progressing, please use this thread to post your experiences.

We are specifically interested in feedback on the following aspects:

1. Are the quests understandable?

2. Could you find out how to progress on your own?

3. We'd also be interested in how these quests play and feel in comparison to the previous update. We tried to improve upon these quests by adding more flexibility and replayability while trying to create meaningful activities at the same time. Here's a summary of this approach:

  • The added non-linearity means that you can choose what to do when or even to skip a task.
  • A system of points you can earn each day determines when you'll be able to enter a warzone and ultimately its boss.
  • Skipping something, however, will force you to do a bonus objective some of the activities offer to compensate for the loss in points.
  • If you do all the missions and all the bonus objectives (where available) you'll gain the most points for a day and will shorten the time until you can re-enter a warzone.
  • It is also possible to compensate by hunting the creatures you encounter down there and looting special "devices" you can return in exchange for points. Those are rare, however, but could provide you with just that one point you needed to enter a zone with your friends of if you're in a hurry.

3. Did you find the point-system manageable and intuitive?

4. Is playing these quests with other people enjoyable and effective?

Please post all your feedback concerning "Dangerous Depths" and the gnome/dwarf alliance in this thread only.

Thank you very much and as always - have fun exploring!