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Dear Testers,

as already introduced in the welcome thread, we've added a new imbuement with this year's winter update. The basic and intricate levels of Featherweight will be available right from the start of the test server. After destroying the three pumping stations guarded by the bosses of Dangerous Depths you will unlock the powerful variant. The imbuement will raise your capacity by 3% (basic), 8% (intricate) or 15% (powerful) respectively.

To imbue Featherweight you will need:

fairy wings (20)

fairy wings (20)
a little bowl of myrrh (10)

fairy wings (20)
a little bowl of myrrh (10)
a fig leaf (5)

Please post all your feedback concerning the "Featherweight" imbuement in this thread only.

Thank you very much and have fun testing!

Kind regards,

Game Content Designer