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Dear Testers,

this visible thread is dealing with the quest "Hidden Threats". You are asked to help the corym in their unfortunate situation. They are enslaved by another tribe and are forced to dig up valuable resources.
To help them you first have to free the corym that are jailed in separated areas. For that reason you have to rebuild a key out of two old fragments you will find. After that the revolution can only start if you collect rare earth from stonerefiners, new monsters. So second you have to kill enough of these creatures and collect the needed valuables. In the end a little miniboss surprises the player. The boss
is designed for one player only.

Please take a look (especially) at the following points:
- Is it always pretty clear to you what to
do? What about the key fragments?
- Are the stonerefiners well balanced? Do
you miss anything?
- Is the miniboss in the end fair? Keep in
mind the player has no chance to leave the
dungeon without having killed the boss.
Exception: you die.

Feel free to give further useful feedback!
Have fun on the test server!

Best Regards

Game Content Designer