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Hello Tibians,
in this thread we'll gather all feedback concerning the various Boss-Battles.
The bosses are accessible for as few or as much players as you like. After activation the portals stay open for a given time and you can enter with as many people as possible in the time-frame. The time-frame is still a limiting factor on purpose.
There are three bosses to be encountered in the cause of the corresponding quest:
The count of the core
The baron from below
The duke of the depths
Another boss is meant as a 'world-boss' and is accessed by ... other means. It's meant to be challenged by as many people as possible.

Though I will organize some focused testing now and then (especially for the world-boss) do tests on your own with different party and group-size setups.
Please refer in your feedback to which of the bosses it's linked.
Have fun in the Test.
Tibian greetings,