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Dear Testers,

welcome to the test server for the Summer Update 2017! This thread is for all feedback regarding the "Cults of Tibia"-Questline.

Please feel free to give feedback regarding game mechanics, monsters, loots etc.

The NPC you have to talk to is Gerimor on the new island Feyrist. Nevertheless it is possible to enter the cult areas without having visited this NPC.
To make it easier for you, I give you some hints at the entrance points:

- The Misguided: south of the outlaw camp
- The Barkless: underneath Ab'Dendriel
- The Orcs: Edron, known orc location
- The Minotaurs: east of Mintwallin
- Humans: underneath Carlin
- Aeterna Exsistentia: Dark Pyramid north of Darashia
- Aurea Manus: Thais Exhibition

I am looking forward to your feedback!
Have fun on the test server!

Best Regards,