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Tópico: Linguagem 469- Isso é um padrão?

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    "On mixing potions.

    Now, being a really old magician, I decided to write down some of the formulas of potions I invented during my lifetime. First I thought it will be best to give clear advices for everyone to mix them. But after some days of crucial thinking I had a vision - everyone would be able to mix these powerful but dangerous potions within minutes without being aware of the consequences! It needs lot of wisdom and willpower to become a experienced and responsible magician. This doesn't mean to be cowardish - it means that you know your powers and that you exactly know your limits! So, to prevent misuse of this knowledge I will write down these formulas in ****, a very old language only known by the wisest sorcerers."

    Following your theory, maybe the **** is literal.

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